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IoT, medical devices, robotics, vending and self-service machines, production automation solutions
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Services We Provide
DI Labs is part of DI-Group
DI Labs is focused on developing new mechanical and electronic products, IoT gadgets, medical devices fast and cost effectively. We perform R&D and engineering consultancy, deliver technical specifications and facilitate mass production.
Applied R&D
Polymer, catalysts and compounds
development and manufacturing
In-house laboratory
Consulting expertise
Control system design and manufacturing
Prototype testing
Low-level programming

Development and improvement of existing tech specs
Performance profiling
Mechanical design documentation
Market research
Cost-effective and fast prototyping
Design project creation

App design and implementation
High-level programming
UI/UX design
Customer support
3D visualization
Creation of details and parts form various materials
Finishing, surface coating, painting
Blueprints and diagrams creation
Featured products
Areas Of Expertise
DI-Labs developed and launched 50+ products from scratch to batch or mass production: IoT and medical devices, wearable gadgets, VR/AR setups, equipment for production automation, vending and self-service machines.
Wearable gadgets
Small-scale industrial equipment
Vending machines
Consumer electronics
Looking for help in developing your product?
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Moscow Office
42 Bolshoi blvd., bld. 1, office 555, SKOLKOVO Innovation Center
Tomsk Office
79 Gvardeyskoy Divizii Street,
bld. 10
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