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Smart mirror that keeps track of user's skin health
Nearly 85% of people aged from 12 to 25 have experienced some skin issues. Most of traditional diagnostic methods and treatments are expensive as well as time-consuming.
Nearly 85% of people aged from 12 to 25 have experienced some skin issues. Most of traditional diagnostic methods and treatments are expensive as well as time-consuming.
To develop device that will analyze current skin state and will provide user with skincare guidelines and tips.
  • To detect problem zones and skin flaws
  • To keep track of changes in skin appearance
  • Mobile app integration
  • To provide correct skincare guidelines
  • Remote advice from dermatologist via mobile app
Neural networks
Data collected by Smart Mirror gets encrypted and transferred to application installed on user’s mobile device. Further data handling is performed by feedforward neural network, that connects to application, analyzes received data and provides analysis result.

The use of neural networks allows not only to discover and detect problem zones, but also to receive detailed information on each flaw: acne, enlarged pores, wrinkles and dark circles under eyes.

Wide range of characteristics gets analyzed — color, area, location, amount, etc. and as a result of this analysis user receives detailed summary and personalized skincare tips.

Other significant advantages of neural networks are flexibility and scalability of algorithm allowing work with various skin types and flaws.

Moreover, the use of this method of data collection and self-improvement allows algorithm to define flaws more accurate.

High quality data
Data collection is performed by built-in HD camera.

Also device has built-in sensor detecting intensity of illumination, that activates function of bias lighting in case of insufficient illumination.

All those features provide clear data even in case of insufficient illumination. This is quite important factor for high accuracy of algorithm.

Mobile app integration
Solution architecture intends maximum automation — everything needed is smartphone with installed application connected to the internet.

To receive up-to-date information user just need to pair mobile device with Smart Mirror.

Analysis of skin state changes
Analyzed by algorithm changes of skin state get saved in the cloud after each use. This data allows user to review the progress later.
Skincare suggestions
and specialist's advice
Algorithm provides dermatological products suggestions based on defined skin flaws.

Furthermore, user can receive dermatological advice from specialists via built-in SaaS-platform.
Following list of requirements, we’ve developed device with built-in HD camera, built-in sensor detecting intensity of illumination, bias lighting system and BLE module for wireless data transfer.

We’ve created cloud platform, that handles data using neural network, and provided channel for synchronization between cloud and user mobile device.

We’ve made Android-based mobile application, that allows user to view dynamics of skin appearance’s changes and receive skincare tips.
  • Functional prototype of Smart Mirror
  • Control system for built-in features of the device
  • Custom software for mobile devices
  • Trainable algorithm that allows to detect problem zones on user's face
DI Labs departments participated in development
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