Chemical Engineering
From a lab to practical application
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Polymer chemistry
Organic-silicon, photopolymers, resin, plastics, acrylic polymers, etc.
Our chemical engineering services include specification of all technological processes required to start production
Experimental Production Facility
Creation of a laboratory sample and thorough testing
Manufacturing Equipment
Engineering bureau creates or modifies existing machinery required for chemical engineering
Certification & Licensing
Certification and legal regulations are one of the most important aspects when creating chemical products. It is vital to thoroughly prepare and document your R&D results. With 7 years of experience, 100+ conducted researches and 58 products launched into production, we are ready to make your certification smooth and trouble-free.
Certification Help
Help in getting all certification required for a new or modified product
Thorough Specification
Development and update of any laboratory and other specifications
Patent Novelty Analysis
Analysis of developed products and help with getting a patent
Optimizing Practices
Using the best practices and experience we offer the fastest and most cost-effective approach based on experiment results
Launching Product into Production
We translate processes developed in the lab into practical applications for the commercial production of products. We also create all necessary documentation to maintain and improve those processes. To troubleshoot processes for the production of chemicals and ensure stable results we offer our experimental production facility.
Commercializing Ideas
Currently our laboratory signed 80+ agreements to conduct R&D in the field of chemical technology. Our motto is simple: research results are applied in real world, the work is not finished.

We utilize ideas to their full scientific potential and make sure we find the right staff to implement them. Skilled chemical engineers set up processes step by step and to ensure quality and stable results.
Looking for help in developing your product?
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